David W. Wall


I have extensive experience in writing compilers, performance tools, and architecture simulation, and I'm a good writer and speaker. I like to get insight into a big hard problem by finding helpful solutions to smaller problems and then building from there.


BS in mathematics 1974, University of New Mexico
MS in computer science 1978, Stanford University
PhD in computer science 1980, Stanford University


David Wall Consulting.
Member of Technical Staff
Writing, programming, scripting, critiquing.
Senior Systems Software Engineer, 2013-2015.
Infrastructure and architectural/compiler analysis for Macroscalar.
Member of Technical Staff, 2008-2011.
Worked on tools for monitoring and analyzing the performance of distributed software.
Transmeta Corporation.
Principal Engineer, 2001-2007.
Member of Technical Staff, 1997-2001.
Designed, built, and maintained integrated tools for monitoring the performance of Transmeta's code-morphing system. I also wrote simulation models for hardware branch predictors and prefetchers.
Silicon Graphics.
Member of Technical Staff, 1995-1996.
Architectural simulation and performance modelling.
Digital Equipment Corporation Western Research Laboratory.
Consulting Engineer, 1988-1995.
Principal Engineer, 1983-1988.
Wrote common backend and link-time register allocator for WRL's Titan compilers, and used this framework to do a wide range of research in compilers, profiling, and computer architectural performance.
The Pennsylvania State University.
Assistant professor of computer science, 1980-1983.
Taught intro architecture, programming languages, compiler construction, and concurrent programming.


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Selected publications

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Other professional activities