Lia and David at the Grand Canyon

These are the best pictures from our trip to the Grand Canyon. The full travelogue is here. Click on any picture to see it bigger.

Views from the South Rim.

The Coconino cliffs, from the South Kaibab Trail.

Views from Cedar Ridge.

Near the bottom, looking up Bright Angel canyon into the oasis of Phantom Ranch.

Returning on Bright Angel trail, more friendly and green than the South Kaibab.

From the Six-Mile Overlook, looking back at Devil's Corkscrew.

The passage gets narrow again as we climb up through the base rock of the Tonto Plateau.

Arriving at Indian Garden campground, an oasis we had seen from the rim.

Downstream through a gorge with no room to spare.

Bright Angel Trail ahead of us, with the switchbacks leading up to the cliffs, through the little gap where they change orientation, and even above them up to the Rim.

Rain on the North Rim.

Here you can easily see the narrow cleft between the Coconino cliffs, with the trail winding its way up.

As we reach the top, Indian Garden is in twilight and the afternoon shadows are very dramatic. What a fabulous day!